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Our hotels boast dedicated and friendly staff renowned for their warm and friendly hospitality. With a selection of hotels with additional event spaces, we offer ample room for various group activities and entertainment options.

The Experience
Our team is ready to assist in curating personalized itinerary ideas, leveraging extensive local knowledge. From arranging performances by local Choirs to organizing guided tours with our community partners, we ensure a memorable stay filled with local attractions such as historic sites and natural wonders.

Our hotels feature ensuite bedrooms equipped with modern amenities, including TV, tea-making facilities, and bath/shower options. We offer a variety of room types to cater to all needs, from classic and wheelchair-accessible rooms to superior and luxury suites.

Experience delicious dining with a diverse menu that changes nightly, offering choice menus, including tea/coffee. We cater to all dietary needs and offer flexible dining times and table arrangements to suit any group size.

Our Mission

We strive to be the premier choice for group accommodations in our region, delivering exceptional value, comfort, and service. We aim to exceed guest expectations with our quality accommodations, dining, and leisure facilities, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Commitment to Our Guests

Exceptional value for money
Comfortable and attractive accommodations
Delightful dining in a relaxed setting
Outstanding service from our friendly, well-trained staff
Comprehensive and well-maintained leisure facilities
A platform for guests to share feedback and suggestions
Efficient resolution of any concerns
Commitment to Our Staff:

Preserving local heritage and environment
Minimizing waste and preventing pollution

Comprehensive training and development opportunities
Supportive work environment
Fair compensation and working conditions
Encouragement to contribute ideas for improvement
Commitment to Our Community:

Mid Wales

Llandrindod Wells and Elan Valley offer couples a tranquil escape with Victorian spa town charm, stunning reservoirs, and picturesque walks. Ideal for nature lovers and history enthusiasts seeking peaceful exploration and the beauty of Wales’ unspoiled landscapes.

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Avisford Park Hotel | Reception

South Downs | Avisford Park Hotel

The South Downs beckons couples with its rolling hills, ancient woodlands, and quintessentially English villages. Ideal for long walks, picnics with breath-taking views, and exploring historic sites. A perfect natural escape for those seeking peace, beauty, and a touch of adventure together.

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Tiverton Hotel | Lounge

Visit Devon | Tiverton Hotel

Tiverton in Devon enchants couples with its historic castle, scenic Grand Western Canal, and quaint Bickleigh Mill. It’s a gateway to exploring the rolling Devonshire countryside, offering romantic walks, boutique shopping, and cozy dining experiences. Perfect for those seeking a blend of history and natural beauty.

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Park House Hotel | Lounge

Shropshire | Park House Hotel

Shifnal, a charming Shropshire town, offers couples a blend of history, with beautiful Tudor buildings, and countryside walks. It’s perfect for exploring nearby Ironbridge Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and enjoying intimate dining in cozy pubs. Ideal for a peaceful, romantic retreat.

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Knowsley Village

Knowsley Village, with its historic charm and proximity to Knowsley Safari Park, offers couples a unique mix of adventure and tranquillity. Ideal for animal lovers and those seeking a serene escape, it provides a quaint setting for exploring natural beauty and wildlife together.

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Ludlow is renowned for its historical architecture, including over 500 listed buildings. The town’s centrepiece, Ludlow Castle, dates back to the 11th century and offers a romantic backdrop for a day of exploration. Walking through the town’s medieval streets, visitors can feel transported back in time.

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Bristol South

Bristol South invites couples with its vibrant mix of cultural hotspots, scenic harbourside walks, and thriving food scene. Explore historic SS Great Britain, enjoy street art tours, and indulge in local cuisine. Perfect for those seeking a dynamic urban experience with a romantic waterfront backdrop.

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Bristol North

Bristol North offers couples the chance to explore the city’s greener side with the enchanting Blaise Castle Estate, tranquil nature reserves, and the innovative Bristol Aerospace Centre. It’s perfect for those seeking a blend of outdoor activities, history, and science in a romantic, exploratory setting.

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