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Lucy Dennis

Lucy is based in the South who although represents the overall Crest portfolio, is typically focused on corporate activity and general enquiries for:

  • Tiverton Hotel Lounge and Venue
  • Arnos Manor Hotel
  • Almondsbury Interchange hotel

Responsible for elevating our presence through creative initiatives such as events, social channels, and activity-based organisations plus collaborating with key travel partners to drive awareness, engagements, and conversions in the corporate sector.

Lucy has a varied and experienced background in hospitality sales and events having started her career initially over 10 years ago at one of the largest and prestigious conference venues in the South West. Since then, Lucy has absorbed valuable and transferable marketing skills through roles in Media sales to drive awareness and acquisitions.

Her passion and determination have always brought her back to the hospitality industry where she has pro-actively lead Sales teams and brought on Reception teams at several local hotels of varied scales which were independently owned or franchised. Lucy relates to the traits of a challenger salesperson who is a solution finder and will explore every opportunity to its fullest potential.

Lucy is a happy, warm, and active character, Lucy doesn’t like to let life pass her by. Her weekends usually entail walking in the woods with her cocker spaniel Crash, random adventures with her partner Steve, or meeting with friends and family for social time over coffee or cocktails!